John Arrived in Barbados on Sunday 15th of January after 53 days 3 hours and 50 minutes at sea. 


My name is John Beeden and I set off on the 23rd of November 2011 and will be attempting to make a solo Atlantic crossing in a 6.25m ocean rowing boat.

The journey started in Gran Canaria and to be cosidered a sucessful Ocean crossing I will have to be totally unassisted once I leave the Canaries. I decided to do the adventure independently because I believe the crossing is a true test of mental and physical strength, not just while at sea but in the preperation for the challenge as well. It is a personal battle between the rower and his boat against the Ocean and Mother Nature. The crossing should take between 50 and 90 days depending to a great extent on the weather conditions.


I think this quote neatly sums up why I want to take on the challenge better than I ever could (apart from the dying that is);

“I don’t think that those of us who have felt the need to climb a mountain or row an ocean have done it, or will do it, “because it’s there” but “because we are here”. Without us mountains and oceans have no meaning by themselves: they “are there” and always will be but, for a very, very few, their presence inspires a dream of pitting our puny strength against their might, and to conquer not them but ourselves. The quest to prove worthy of an almost inconceivable challenge is our greatest reward. To us it is not the final result that matters but how we measure up to our self-imposed task to confront and do battle with Nature at its rawest. And those who die in the attempt do not die in defeat; quite the opposite, their death is, in many ways, a triumph, the symbol of that indomitable human spirit that will break before it bends. To test what we are made of, that is our pursuit”

John Fairfax – First solo rower of the Atlantic

More information about Fairfax on the Ocean rowing page.

I will be fully funding the project myself, so 100% of any money raised can go to my chosen charities.